Monday, November 1, 2010

Possible Research Topic for Someone?

While researching my topic for the Border Culture final project, I came across this great book which is available from the Leddy Library (HQ549 .T73 2008) that may serve as a starting point for anyone interested in researching issues involving women, family, immigration and social conditions around the U.S.-Mexico Border for their final project.

I thought I'd pass it along, as it doesn't fit with my research topic very well (Gendered spaces in Windsor)

Essays included in this book:

A demographic profile of children and families in the U.S.-Mexico border region / Yolanda C. Padilla and Ana Marie Argilagos

An overview of children and youth on the northern Mexican border / Catalina Palmer

The extended border: a case study of San Antonio as a transnational city / Harriett D. Romo

The complex picture of cities near the U.S.-Mexico border: the case of southern California / Belinda I. Reyes and Amanda G. Bailey

Maquiladora or cross-border commute: the employment of members of households in five Mexican border cities / Marie-Laure Coubes

Transborder interactions and transnational processes in the border community of Laredo, Texas / Raquel R. Marquez

Coming of age across borders: family, gender, and place in the lives of second-generation transnational Mexicanas / Patricia Sanchez

"I'm bien pocha": borderlands epistemologies and the teaching of english in Mexico / Mary A. Petron

The real and the symbolic: visualizing border spaces / Amelia Malagamba-Anstegui

Latina entrepreneurship in the borderlands: family well-being and poverty reduction policies / Barbara J. Robles

Public policy changes on the U.S.-Mexico border / Irasema Coronado.

Hope this helps!

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