Monday, April 5, 2010

Useful link for final project?

I was doing some research for the final project and found an interesting article that could be helpful for some students! Here is the link:


  1. Thanks Lee! I found the quote "what happens in Windsor stays in Windsor" funny. I don't think many residents of Windsor see our city this way. According to this article we have 14 escort services, but as a resident of Windsor I had absolutely no idea. I feel like articles like this give a negative view of Windsor, and Canada in general. For those of us living in Windsor, it doesn't feel like "Sin City", we have festivals, beautiful parks and walkways, and a lot of opportunities for families that often don't get mentioned. I agree with Eddie Francis in saying that our city is not unlike other Canadian cities in that their are bars, strip clubs, and escort services. I just found it funny that people in Detroit are considering us a sinful city when many Windsor residents look across the river and think that of Detroit.

  2. I agree with you, Briehton. I know many people who would consider Detroit much more "sinful" than Windsor. I guess it comes down to people's individual values? Each city has their own set of problems that are not entirely unlike everyone elses. Because of the number of escort services located in Windsor, that makes us sinful? Other cities in Canada are much more notorious for drugs, or prostitution, or violence/murder. So how do you decide which is worse? I guess a lot of this depends on the media who is reporting on it, and their purpose for the report...


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